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Why chiropractic works

If your pain has a musculoskeletal origin, we can detect & remove the source of what’s causing you discomfort. At Shapero Chiropractic, our expertise is in finding the cause of this pain. Our focused, hands-on approach aims at giving you immediate relief.

At Shapero Chiropractic, we give you a personalized plan for your health. This ensures you receive maximum benefits. Our care is thorough & efficient, offering you relief.

Your body may hold stress patterns that carry tension. Tension builds to pain. This pain complex may be caused by auto accidents (major trauma) all along the pain causation spectrum to repetitive (minor) trauma, caused by computer work.

In reality, even minor trauma can painfully interfere with bodily processes!


Chiropractic is designed to remove this pain complex. You feel good when pain is removed. At Shapero Chiropractic we specialize in finding the source of this pain complex & removing it; giving you relief. When stress is held in your body, tension is created causing pain. Would it surprise you to learn that your muscles may hold stress that push your vertebrae out of alignment?

Your body “learns” a muscle pattern. Chiropractic helps your body to “unlearn” stress & tension patterns that cause you pain.

Specialized Services

At Shapero Chiropractic you benefit from our personalized approach. We offer variety of services including,

✦ Low-force and traditional adjusting
✦ Core-strength therapy and programs
✦ Sports Therapy
✦ Prenatal / Postpartum care
✦ Affordable Decompression for disc herniations
✦ Posture analysis and correction
✦ Cranio-sacral work
✦ Massage/myofascial release

Favorite Admitting Complaints

Office-Related Injuries
Here at Shapero Chiropractic, we understand that sitting at a desk can at times create aches and pains throughout our body. Practicing in the Financial District for all of his career, Dr. Shapero has extensive experience with these injuries. We address your concerns, whether it be neck pain, carpal tunnel or another condition. Not only do we help you feel better, we give you the tools to help you continue feeling great.

Posture Concerns
More and more of our patients ask us what they can do to improve your posture. We have designed specific programs that neurologically improve posture for better health and appearance.

Sports Injuries/Therapy
Being the Chiropractor to the University of San Francisco Athletic Department, Dr. Shapero has the techniques to help you reach your sports goals. Whether your just getting started or a professional athlete, we can get you on the right track. Also, Dr. Shapero utilizes different tools and therapies to help you get through your sports injury.

Our Techniques

✦ Diversified Technique
✦ Thompson
✦ Spinal Decompression
✦ Extremities
✦ Myofascial Release
✦ Cranio-sacral work
✦ Massage/myofascial release

Dr. Dan Shapero, D.C.
Chiropractor San Francisco Financial District
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Services Overview

Here at Shapero Chiropractic, we treat variety of conditions some of which are listed bellow,

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