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San Francisco Financial District Chiropractor

Dr. Dan Shapero graduated from Life West Chiropractic College and has been serving San Francisco with unique chiropractic care at Shapero Chiropractic in the financial district since 1998. Believing that it is better to offer different techniques to suit patients, as opposed to having the patient fit one style, Dr. Shapero helps his patients resolve their concerns in a timely and holistic manner. He created a specialized approach to core strengthening which can help with chronic back issues, sports performance as well as reducing potential back injuries.

Dr. Shapero is a native Californian and he found Northern California, in particular San Francisco, the place where he wanted to live. Upon moving to San Francisco, he discovered the Koret Center, and it quickly became his sanctuary. While attending school, playing basketball and running with the USF team on Saturdays became his stress relievers. After helping numerous players on the team, the USF Sports Medicine department enlisted his expertise in 2004 to treat athletes from other sports as well.

A personal note from Dr. Shapero

I enjoy spending time with my family and pets. My little dog Zee, is a rescue dog, and I enjoy taking him to Crissy Field for walks. I enjoy being active, working out, playing basketball and following my favorite sports teams. I am a supporter of the San Francisco SPCA, and local chapters of charities in my community.

“Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our San Francisco Financial District chiropractic office a call, or email me using the link below and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.”

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Shapero Chiropractic

Shapero Chiropractic specializes in a unique type of care that goes beyond traditional chiropractic.

San Francisco Financial District CA Chiropractor, Dr. Dan Shapero established Shapero Chiropractic in 1998. Being a native Californian, he found Northern California, in particular San Francisco, the place where he wanted to live. Dr. Shapero chose to become a chiropractor in the San Francisco Financial District because of his approach of care, which focuses on helping active office workers be as healthy as possible.

While attending Chiropractic College, Dr. Shapero spent many evenings playing basketball at USF’s Koret Center. It was his goal upon graduating college to contribute to the basketball team with his brand of Chiropractic Sports Care. That goal was achieved when Dr. Shapero became the team’s Chiropractor in 2001. Dr. Shapero explains, "I understand that each person that comes into our office has health goals that generally go beyond just feeling better. By blending my knowledge of chiropractic, sports care and nutrition with a patients desire to succeed, goals are reached! I know when a patient is able to run a bit faster or can hike further or on a path to reaching their goal, they are happy for it. This is what I hope for all my patients."

Chiropractic care for athletes & office workers

Designed with both athletes and office employees in mind, our approach is superb in treating everything from sports injuries to typical workplace pain such as:

At Shapero Chiropractic the objective is to find the source of your problem and treat it with a drug-free, holistic approach.

In addition, we give powerful ideas and suggestions for the future of your health and the preservation of your spine. Discover a full-spectrum approach to healthcare that goes beyond just treating pain.

Our specialized approach to core strengthening will improve the chronic back issues, sports performance and reduce potential back injuries. Please contact us to learn more about our core strengthening program.

Shapero Chiropractic's Mission

In our office we have a simple, but absolute mission. Base each week on how many patients report what they can now do better with our chiropractic care, then all weeks will be successful! Achieve this by listening to our patients specific needs and goals while providing the most advanced chiropractic care in a calm, comfortable setting.

We understand your chiropractic health needs

Our practice is unique because, among other things, Dr. Shapero brings the same experience, knowledge and care that the University of San Francisco athletes receive to all of his patients. We also want patients to make a well informed decision about their path to health. Over the years, patients have appreciated the multiple techniques Dr. Shapero literally brings to the table! Having treated a wide scope of concerns, from sciatica, dislocated discs to posture improvements, you will find solutions in our office. This is why we are so thorough in understanding your condition and then explaining it. Whether you decide to simply treat a sudden pain, or reach other goals, we welcome you!

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San Francisco Financial District Chiropractor
San Francisco Financial District Chiropractor San Francisco Financial District Chiropractor

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What People Say

““I have been seeing Dr. Dan for about 7 years now, and he consistently has been able to help me with fixing problems with my lower back, hips, legs, and neck caused by running, snowboarding, and (I'm embarassed to say) bad-lifting of heavy items. He also has helped with general maintenence and doesn't "over schedule" me if it's not needed.””

-Tres F.

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Here at Shapero Chiropractic, we offer variety of chiropractic services some of which are listed bellow,

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